I am always very excited to receive new commissions to create bespoke blends with a creative brief.  Past and on-going commissions include: Trinity Blend for a Wedding gift encapsulating Feminine, Masculine and Child, enhancing blends for Therapeutic settings such as Counselling spaces and Yoga classes (including space clearing blends, setting intention blends) and a wonderful commission from a screenwriter to invoke his muse when he sat down to write each morning.

Aroma for Ritual and Ceremony: Essential oils and incense have been used for thousands of years to invoke the sacred into everyday ritual such as meditation or to mark various rites of passage such as birth, death, weddings and religious ceremonies.  Used with mindful intention to create a sacred space on one’s alter, in your home, your workspace, or an area to be used for ceremony, it helps calm the mind and centre our awareness.  There a space is opened for grace to swoop in and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Create or commission an exquisite blend to honour a special event in your life or gift a friend to celebrate a special day.

I am also open to art collaborations whereby scent enhances the space or event, creating an immersive experience for the public. In February 2015 I was commissioned to create five aromatic blends exploring the idea of Utopia, ‘Aromatic Utopian Landscapes’, as a pre show sensory experience of Elessha Drennan’s acclaimed Channel Rose at The Place in London : a wildly sensual and physical contemporary dance production exploring the search for Utopia.    ‘What does Utopia look like? What does paradise taste like? What would happiness sound like? Build your own perfect world out of magic sand before watching it all disappear back into dust; challenge your taste buds ; investigate what utopia could smell like; design your own soundscape from sounds”  – 28th February 2015.