Aromatherapy is the artful application of aromatic essential oils, which are highly concentrated substances extracted from aromatic plants and trees.  These naturally occurring plant oils have distinct and powerful therapeutic properties which aid both psychological and physiological conditions, supporting a greater sense of health and vitality.

Smell is the first sense we experience, it develops whilst in our mother's womb and arguably remains the most powerful yet under-rated sense throughout our lives.  Our olfactory cells are bombarded with synthetic perfumes and air fresheners, car fumes and cigarette smoke so it is unsurprising that we have lost our sense to truly smell on an instinctive level. 

As Jean Jacques Rousseau once wrote, "Smell is the sense of memory and desire". I am passionate about bringing the beautiful sensual alchemy of aromatherapy to everyone, to encourage the body's own unique self-healing ability to find balance and to awaken people's sensitivity to smell by bringing scent to the forefront of their awareness.  Through this process of 're-wilding' the senses my client's are invited into the possibility of what it means to be both a feeling human being and an instinctive human animal and in turn experience a new depth of aliveness.


Natural Perfumery using organic and wild crafted essential oils

Natural Perfumery

I offer intimate one to one natural perfume blending workshops, for both men and women, lasting 2-3 hours. Co-create a perfume or cologne, intuitively choosing the aromatic essences you are instinctively drawn to include. A bespoke botanical blend offers a unique alternative to synthetic fragrance that assists people in feeling inspired and sensual. You will learn how perfume is created using top, middle, and base notes and go on to blend a beautifully harmonised symphony of scent for yourself. All perfumes are oil based or chose a floral water for a lighter medium. Create your own complex botanical fragrance with the choice of 40 natural perfumery ingredients. All the essential oils are of the highest quality; therapeutic grade and organic or wild-crafted.

Like dreams, scent is the royal road to the Unconscious. . .

Timeless and seductive, natural perfume is a rich alchemy of the essences of spices, flowers, resins and wild grasses blended with the unique chemistry and oils of our skin. Prized as precious bounty from the earth, natural perfume ingredients have been highly valued throughout ancient history.  The absorbing ritual of creating a natural perfume is one of the most creative and inspiring aspects of my work with essential oils as botanical fragrances provide a life enhancing and intimate connection to nature when made with high quality plant materials. I find infinite joy in the process of blending, pausing and finally experiencing the perfume in its unique symphony of scent.

“So far I've treated myself to two sessions of perfume making with Wendy and I'm really looking forward to the next one. The two perfumes we made together are very different from each other and I love them both. One is very earthy and grounding and the other very sensual. Made at different times and in response to different needs and desires I found the experience of blending the scents to be subtle, intuitive and magical. 

Working with Wendy is a delight. She is skilled, sensitive and has beautiful qualities of great depths and easeful joy. I highly recommend her.”

Joanna Brown, Artist, Brighton.   

Aromatherapy to support life's transition: puberty, pregnancy, menopause

Aromatherapy to support and smooth life's transitions: 


I offer a variety of ways to support young men and women during the physical and emotional changes, and the accompanying unpredictable hormonal shifts, taking place during puberty and adolescence.  Aromatherapy blends and massage can provide invaluable support with anxiety, exam nerves and revision, disturbed sleep patterns, self-esteem, menstrual discomfort, growing pains, acne and eating disorders.  

♥ I offer a 20% discount on aromatherapy massage for all under 18 year olds. ♥


I offer deeply replenishing 90 minute Aromatherapy Massage treatments from the second trimester onwards and help support women into Labour and post-partum recuperation with bespoke aromatic blends. 

Pregnancy can be a most sensual time for a woman to enjoy her body, innate creative power and blooming femininity.  Yet the emotional and physical changes which occur during each trimester can also be overwhelming, with each month bringing its own unique set of challenges.  You maybe experiencing fears and anxieties of being a new mother or wondering how you will cope with more than one child, sleep patterns maybe disrupted due to increased physical discomfort as the baby grows or even a heightened sense of emotional vulnerability.  You may have been diagnosed with oedema, high blood pressure. You may feel isolated and unsupported and crave non-sexual touch.    You may be loving your pregnancy and have a wonderful sense of well-being and simply enjoy using essential oils and would like to know which one's are safe to use for you and your developing baby. (Or a daily combination of all the above!)

Carefully chosen blends of essential oils can be used safely from the beginning of your second trimester and beyond.  There are many different ways to experience aromatherapy in pregnancy, from nourishing oils for preparatory perineum care, cooling calming floral water facial spritz, to full body massage blends. As well as being a mother, I have advanced training and certification in the emotional and physiological changes that take place for a pregnant woman as well as understanding the absorption and metabolism of essential oils.  I value the importance creating a relationship of trust and support during this amazing time. I offer a safe sacred space so you can connect deeply with your baby and relax into your body. 

“Nothing evokes memory more than the sense of smell. Every time I smell oranges, I am reminded of an afternoon where my pregnancy aches and pains were gently massaged away. It was freezing outside and my body felt heavy and cold. The mixture of oils that Wendy had carefully and expertly blended for me, not only eased the swellings and stiffness caused by my baby bump, they lifted my spirits. The exotic orange and sandalwood warming me like a Moroccan sun, the freshness of the grapefruit revitalising my flagging zest. 

I felt safe visiting Wendy, not only because she is a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner, but also because the whole experience felt comfortable and dignified even when I climbed up onto the table with my gigantic bump. I didn't feel judged, as I have in beauty focused clinics. 

When you are pregnant your body works so hard to nurture and protect your baby and sometimes as a mother this took its toll. My pregnancy massage gave me a little bit of space to reconnect with the sensual part of being me. What's good for mum is good for the baby and I'm sure baby Pearl will love the smell of oranges too.”

Michelle, Writer, Lewes


Aromatherapy greatly helps ease the impact of hormonal changes in a woman's later life cycles and seasons.  The gradual transition from being peri-menopausal to completing the menopause can be a time of emotional shedding and hormonal shifts. The body is always trying to find balance, but it may not feel like that when sleep disturbances and hot flushes make you feel like you are on a giant uncontrollable pendulum. Essential oils can offer gentle emotional support and bring you back into balance during this time of 'midlife metamorphosis'.

“A massage with Wendy is like having your soul cleansed, all tensions are removed. The feeling I had afterwards was as though I'd had eight hours sleep and just come back from a good, long, restful holiday. Wendy takes so much trouble, makes the experience such a safe one, you feel very cherished. 100% recommend for those suffering from stress, anxiety or general overwhelm.”

Katie, Photographer, Lewes

raw materials used to make bespoke aromatic blends

Bespoke Aromatic Blends

I am always very excited to receive new commissions to create bespoke blends within a creative brief.  Past and on-going commissions include: an exquisite Trinity Blend for a Wedding gift encapsulating Feminine, Masculine and Child, enhancing blends for Therapeutic settings such as Counselling spaces and Yoga classes (including space clearing blends, setting intention blends) and a wonderful commission from a screenwriter to invoke his muse when he sat down to write each morning. Here is link to an interesting article on how actors use perfume to get into character:

 I love exploring how the infinite combinations of essential oils can blend together.  

I create blends using informed intuition, a mix of learned knowledge, experience and instinct. I love experimenting with delicate hydrosols or floral waters and making natural beauty products such as aromatic bath oils, body butters and facial mists.

. Previous commissions include:

  • Birthing Labour Aromatherapy Kits including specific essential oils to help support the mother - Clary Sage to aid Uterine contractions, Frankincense to deepen breath during contractions, Lavender or Rose facial mist to soothe and calm.

  • Supportive aromatic blends in handy rollerball vials (rollettes) or aroma sticks to help ease exam tension, aid revision, 'Sleep Deeply' Insomnia blend, 'At Peace' Headache blend.

  • Therapeutic healing balms, lotions and ointments to bring relief for eczema, rheumatic joint pain, muscular aches and respiratory conditions.