Sensual Alchemy : Being Human workshops – an enquiry into our senses through movement, sound meditation and scent.  A lyrical one day workshop exploring our sensuality through movement and dance, tasting raw chocolate, sound-healing with crystal bowls and creating scent – blending your own a massage oil or bath oil with organic essential oils.

Dance and Scent workshops – originally collaborated with London based 5Rhythms teacher Alex Nikiforov in January 2015, these one day workshops are a sensual and physical enquiry into the illusive yet profound nature of scent and our instinctive animal nature explored through movement. Scent is all around us, all the time, in every breath. Whether we are aware of it or not, each inhalation informs our relationship to our surroundings, each other and ourselves. During the day workshop you are invited to explore the sensual language of smell through movement and stillness as we bring our most primal of senses back into focus and reconnect with our essential human animal nature.

Aroma workshops for Children:  An interactive two hour workshop aimed specifically at children to explore Olfaction and the nature of smell.  We find out where essential oils come from in fruits, seeds, flowers, and leaves. We learn how the essential oil molecules reach the specific part of the brain and the subsequent effect on our bodies.  The children are invited to make a safe gentle aromatic spray (with floral water) for use as a room spray.  This is a fun, light workshop and the children delight in the hands on aspect of learning about the origin of essential oils. They love creating their own blends to use at home to beautify their personal space.