My massage treatment with Wendy was absolutely gorgeous. Her demeanour is so kind, gentle and inspiring. Like felt as though my soul had been cleansed and I slept so well that night! Wendy came to my house and mixed up a tailor-made blend of oils for the treatment, and my house still smells amazing. For anyone who needs a little TLC or even just special treat, I would heartily recommend the lovely Wendy.

Pearl, Artist, Lewes

I felt in such safe hands, I could totally let go, it was absolutely wonderful. 

Suesie, Artist, Eastbourne

For the past 4 years I've commissioned Wendy to create exquisite room sprays. Initially I approached her to ask if she could blend something I could use in my counselling room to help me set the tone for a session and to 'spritz' the room at the end of each session and between clients. I'm on my fourth different blend (having squeezed out every last drop of each), and every time Wendy brings her own beautifully intuitive interpretation to it. For example the one before last she chose ingredients that represent love (I'm a relationship counsellor) and each time I used the spray I remembered this and it helped me set those intentions. This latest one, Wendy added in essences that among other things attend to depression. I'd not specifically asked her for this but I was so grateful for her thinking of this as depression is indeed something I work with frequently. I've also commissioned her to make a spray for our home to add to the sense of welcome our guests have and again it really helps us set the tone for ourselves in anticipation of our visitors arriving. I give Wendy a rough brief if there's something new I'd like from her but I completely trust her and she always comes up with something stunning (I am someone who doesn't like things like air fresheners or highly scented soaps etc) but her creations are WORLDS apart from this type of product. Clients have often said things like 'your room always smells so lovely'. They are subtle but effective fragrances and I truly adore them. I can't recommend Wendy highly enough.

Michaela, Relationship Counsellor, Hassocks

I find myself drifting away and my body drinks in the subtle yet profound intuitive touch. Wendy always seems to make essential oil blends that speak to every fibre of my being, reaching levels in that otherwise are left forgotten.  I feel amazing, soft, peaceful and re-set and reunited with my body and true self.  Wendy's sublime way of weaving her silent skills is, in my experience, akin to mind/body whispering.  Aromatherapy is an art and a medicine that Wendy excels in , taking massage to  a whole other level and I remain a happy recipient.  I recommend her highly.

Hannah, Birth Doula, Lewes

I have been working with Wendy for a few years now and her approach to massage in very unique. It seems more appropriate to term it 'healing' massage, for the body and the mind - since it extends well beyond the physical nature of massage touch. Many of us book a massage to release stress or similar but Wendy takes this kind of approach to a different level in that many times I have sought out a session with her, using massage as a kind of therapy for all kinds of feelings and helping get through experiences I had had. For example, helping me to feel stronger after a chest infection, or more confident before giving a large lecture professionally, or opening up my connection to my female organs to support menstrual irregularities or relieving physical stress or intensity in my mind/body after a challenging time at work has finished.
Wendy tunes into exactly what I need, each time I visit. This is very different to other massage sessions when this 'check in' is only a couple of questions, usually just relating to physical self. Wendy goes many steps further than this, asking you to engage with how you are mentally feeling and what space or vibe you are in as well as your physical self - and indeed how the physical changes in my body have come from emotional or mental experiences.
You can ask her to adjust not just the physical intensity of the massage, but also the emotional one. Sometimes I go and I know I need to release emotions and at other times, I need to keep my self more contained. She listens, and is intuitive to what I need and how my body is responding.

Wendy is professional, immensely kind and has expert knowledge of essential oils and their biological properties. Essential oils are specially chosen for each massage, to create a synergy for the experience. It’s quite something to put one's self into a sometimes sensitive or vulnerable position of being massaged, but Wendy always makes me safe, cared for and her approach allows me to relax and enjoy the journey of the experience. She has a warm hearted 'mother'-like energy, a good sense of humour and a pragmatic take on the ebb and flow of human life.

- Lorna, Nutritionist, Lewes

I have had many treatments over the years – and nowadays I am very conscious of who I let touch my body as I think that the energy exchange is so key to the treatment.  That is why I came to you because you have a clear and beautiful essence and nurturing and healing energy.

Julia, Athlete and Writer

I don't think anyone would be surprised that a very long, full-body massage, sensitively done with music, essential oils, the calmest, lightest touch in a safe, warm environment would be deeply pleasurable and leave one feeling relaxed and centred and without any stress at all.

What's interesting is what's happening to the person being massaged. The experience works by combining the feeling of being absolutely present in your own body with being lifted out of and away from your head.  You become aware of your body as a home, safe and familiar, and as each part of you is massaged you reaquaint yourself with your physical being. This is a very loving and welcoming experience, it's like a mother's embrace. You feel very safe and very calm, and as though you are exactly where you are meant to be.

The value of a full-body massage, with essential oils chosen for the state of health you are in, performed by Aromatherapist Wendy Spencer, is that you take a holiday. And it feels like one of those good holidays when you come back rested and looser and calmer and more at ease with everything in your life. It's as effective, but it's so much easier.

If you need a profound rest I'd reccommend you book a full body aromatherapy massage with Wendy

Katie, Photographer and Web Designer, Lewes

Nothing evokes memory more than the sense of smell. Every time I smell oranges, I am reminded of an afternoon where my pregnancy aches and pains were gently massaged away. It was freezing outside and my body felt heavy and cold. The mixture of oils that Wendy had carefully and expertly blended for me, not only eased the swellings and stiffness caused by my baby bump, they lifted my spirits. The exotic orange and sandalwood warming me like a Moroccan sun, the freshness of the grapefruit revitalising my flagging zest. 

 I felt safe visiting Wendy, not only because she is a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner, but also because the whole experience felt comfortable and dignified even when I climbed up onto the table with my gigantic bump. I didn't feel judged, as I have in beauty focused clinics. 

When you are pregnant your body works so hard to nurture and protect your baby and sometimes as a mother this took its toll. My pregnancy massage gave me a little bit of space to reconnect with the sensual part of being me. What's good for mum is good for the baby and I'm sure baby Pearl will love the smell of oranges too.

Michelle, writer and mother, Lewes

So far I've treated myself to two sessions of perfume making with Wendy and I'm really looking forward to the next one. 

The two perfumes we made together are very different from each other and I love them both. One is very earthy and grounding and the other very sensual. Made at different times and in response to different needs and desires I found the experience of blending the scents to be subtle, intuitive and magical. 

Working with Wendy is a delight. She is skilled, sensitive and has beautiful qualities of great depths and easeful joy. I highly recommend her

Joanna Brown, Artist, Brighton.  

Wendy's massages always leave me feeling serene and balanced. She uses carefully selected oils to suit my mood and state of mind. One feels totally looked after in her care

Haley, Singer and Voice Coach, Eastbourne

I was really impressed by your ability to provide a very skilled massage, plus your intuitive talents at mixing a blend of oils that were just what I needed. I felt both relaxed yet wonderfully rejuvenated by the experience. You also made various lovely aromatherapy blends Mum for Mother’s day - she absolutely loves these and uses for me to send to my them daily - thank you from us both.” 

Kim and Betty Sweet, Photographer, 

My aromatherapy massage from Wendy was like having a week at a spa… After 6 months of new motherhood, my body was returned to me, my emotions soothed and my spirit awakened and rejuvenated.  She has a beautifully intuitive and feminine way about her and wonderful healing hand – a very talented lady!

Miche, Mother, Artist and Psychotherapist.

I called Wendy when I was on the floor with exhaustion and stress and needing someone’s help to be put back together again.  I found that Wendy has an acute sense for what is needed and how to reflect that in every detail of the treatment.  I loved her gentle passion and affinity with the oils, and the blending process.  It all chimed perfectly with what I wanted; bespoke in every sense and so very nurturing.  I’ve had massages where the therapist has just thrown on some whale music and given me a one-size fits all massage, so I massively appreciate the difference.  Wendy’s sensitive touch and presence is exquisite to be around and her gift is pleasurably received.

Deborah, Mother and Birth Doula

Wendy really makes you feel comfortable and cared for.  She is very intuitive and sensitive massage therapist and combined her knowledge and passion for aromatherapy you get to experience a taste of heaven.”

Maxine, Writer and Healer

Wendy's massages are deep, tender and rejuvenating. Her touch goes beyond the skin, to smoothing the emotions. She allows a permissive and safe space. It's important to me to have a massage therapist who understands and accepts how the body stores and releases experiences. The 'breeze blocks' I carry in my shoulders become smaller, softening to wings, after time spent with her. 

Wendy, Psychology Teacher, Counselling Therapist and Performer. 

There is something calming and agreeable about the atmosphere in the room, even as I arrive, making it easy for me to relax, exhale and leave the busyness of the outside world behind. Sometimes we need a temporary refuge from all that is happening around us and within us, an oasis at which to rest and recuperate, and there's the sense of this sacred space in Wendy's room.

Wendy takes time to find out how I am (in every respect) and consults me on how I would like to be after the massage. During this consultation I really feel heard, held and respected.

Wendy is a wise and gentle woman, as well as being an experienced and highly qualified aromatherapy massage practitioner. She has a kindness and gentle empathy which puts me at my ease. I respect and trust her, and value the time she gives me. I never feel rushed or as if the treatment being given to me is perfunctory in any way. It is always as if I am her most important client, and for the time I am there, my needs and my healing are paramount.

There is then the delightful alchemy of the blend Wendy concocts: maybe Camomile, Orange, Frankincense and Lavender on one visit, a totally different blend depending on my needs on another occasion. Just to lie on the massage couch and inhale the fragrance is a soothing experience in itself.

The touch of a woman who knows how to massage has profoundly healing properties. This goes beyond Wendy's knowledge of anatomy, deeper than the comfort derived from having taught muscles manipulated. Technique together with the blend of oils make it a wonderfully comforting and transformative experience.

I always sleep well during the night following an aromatherapy massage, and the sense of calm stays with me for days. I feel healed on all levels.

Dana, Yoga Teacher